Hannah Hendron

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—   Over a year of experience and work as a CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant). License obtained on September 2nd, 2013.

—   Exceptional as a server, a demanding high-speed job that requires excellent people skills, efficiency, and accuracy.   

—   Proven ability to prioritize and assist with multiple tasks, using knowledge and skills to handle stress productively.

—   Organized in the workplace, and a responsible, hard worker.

—   Brought up in educational home, developing unique skills. Involved from an early age in diverse fields of business and training, gaining knowledge and proficiency in:



-Medicine and First Aid


-Animal Husbandry

-Website Design

-Computer Programs

-Video Production


—   Exceptional people skills in with customers and patients. Aptitude in handing calls, complaints, messages, and keeping clients satisfied.

—   Efficient with paperwork, forms, charting, office tasks, and computer work. Proficient in Microsoft Word, Power Point, and other computer programs. Knowledgeable and skilled in web design.



Job Experience


Pizza Hut – Hohenwald, TN

Server, 9/2014 to 3/2015

—   Waited tables working directly with customers.

—   Handling calls; taking and placing orders with speed and accuracy.

—   Skilled people person, managing complaints, and finding solutions to satisfy unhappy customers.

—   Assisted coworkers in all areas of the business to help the workplace run smoothly, and jumping easily between tasks efficiently completing the work.


Waynesboro Nursing Home - Waynesboro, TN

CNA, 3/2014 to 7/2014

—   Worked fulltime directly with patients, assisting them with all their needs, helping other CNA’s complete tasks, and keeping patients morale high.

—   Kept up with all charting, accurately and quickly.



Harbert Hills Academy Nursing Home - Savannah, TN

CNA, 3/2014 to 7/2014

—   Worked directly with patients, assisting them with all their needs, helping other CNA’s complete tasks, and keeping patients morale high.


—   Assisted with charting.


—   Became assistant to the Administrator and worked in his office.


-Receiving and handling business calls, letters and messages.

-Assisting Secretaries with tasks such as filing, faxing, creating business documents, filling out paperwork and payroll.

-Assisting DON.

-Keeping the Administrator’s files neatly organized.

-Writing accurate notes and documents dictated by Administrator, such as: Phone messages, company policies, emails, business plans, etc.

-Helping find solutions for the everyday challenges in a work place.






1 Semester Of College

Columbia State College GPA: 4.0

Fine Art




Hohenwald Technology Center



Additional Skills        



Educated with a college level course and experienced. Portfolio includes: Small Weddings, Private Shoots, and Senior Photos

First Aid

Specifically educated in First Aid and CPR


Trained in door to door work selling books, DVD’s, and doing charity drives with years of experience.



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